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Thank you, Ama

(Note: It has been a long time since I last wrote something here.  The last post was way back in October 2013!  Therefore this will be my first ever post for the year 2014.   A LOT has happened since then: family events, toddler developments, and last Sunday, March 2, our beloved Ama, my maternal grandfather who would have celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday, March 5th, lost his battle to cancer.  This is a piece lovingly dedicated to him.  Please pray for the eternal repose of his soul. Thank you & God bless you and yours!)


Dearest Ama,


I honestly don’t know where to start and what words to say as I write this on the day of your funeral.  I remember when I found out that you were sick with the big C, I cried a tear or two and especially felt sad that Pia would not be able to see you or know you personally when she got older.  I consider it a real blessing now that you were able to meet her in person, at least, and that we were able to capture a moment with you during our last family reunion last December (2013).  If I had only known that after a few short months after that, that this would happen, I would have exerted more effort for Pia to spend more time with you.


In any case, I am comforted by the knowledge that you are no longer in any pain and that you are finally reunited with Ina in Heaven.  I know this for a fact because you lived your life full of love and grace and joy and hope, even after Ina had passed on earlier.  You knew that she would be waiting for you and now the wait is over.


Thank you for everything that you have done for me and for our family.  Thank you (and Ina) for taking care of me during the years that I was studying high school and college and was away from Papa and Mama who were working in Brunei.  Thank you for teaching me to watch boxing and basketball, even though sometimes I was bit bored watching them with you.  Hehehe.  Thank you for teaching me to enjoy good, old, songs that are timeless and classic.  Thank you for always sharing your infectious laughter which I will surely miss hearing, along with your jokes and playful teasing.  Thank you for teaching me to always extend help to people in need in our neighborhood/barangay.  Thank you for the example of being available to serve God and His people in the local church or parish.  Thank you for trying to be the best father and provider to your children (my titos and titas, my Mama) for teaching them by example how to love their own families unselfishly and we, their children, your grandchildren have reaped the benefits of the life and love lessons you have taught them.


Salamat po talaga sa lahat-lahat.  Please know that you are loved and will really be missed by me, by a lot of people.  I know that wherever you are now, you are in a much better place and my only request is that you continue to watch over us as we journey through life.  I love you, Ama.  May we be able to live our lives as full of love and grace as you (and Ina) did.