Happy birthday our dearest Bhot!

This post is in honor of my husband of 17 years (going on 18 this December 2018) who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, 6th June.

A very blessed happy birthday to you, my dearest Bhot!

Indeed, I am so grateful to the Lord for giving you to me as my husband.  You are one of the kindest, most understanding, most patient and most humble man I know.  You also have this immense capacity to love and serve the  Lord and His people, our family, friends and even strangers; never counting the cost and sacrifices that it entails you.  You are always, always there for me – ready to listen, ready to hug, ready to encourage, ready to ‘just be’.

I am, of course, even more grateful to God for having you as Pia’s dad.  From the very beginning, you have been her first love; you always take care of her and protect her with your whole self.  I see how she loves you by affectionate hugs, kisses, shared laughter and tickles, and it warms my heart that you are a very ‘present’ and ‘hands-on’ dad to her.  Sometimes I even feel you know her more than I do because you get to spend more time with her than me!

My (our) prayer for you on your birthday is that the Lord may continue to bless, mold and form you into the man of God that He wants you to be; that you will always be a man after God’s heart so that that the Lord with His Holy Spirit will help you to lead us, our whole family, towards our Heavenly Home.  We also pray for continued strength of faith; a sound mind, body and spirit, so that we will have many, many more years of being together and serving together God’s Kingdom here on earth.

We love you so much and we wish you a very blessed, enjoyable and memorable birthday!

Always and forever,

Lisa & Pia


(All photos – credit to the owners. Thank you.)

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