Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary, Papa & Mama!

My family and friends all know that my Papa and Mama are mission volunteers for our lay Catholic community, Couples for Christ (Global).  They have had a lot of mission assignments the past years, and the most recent mission assignment given required my Papa to be based in Larantuka, Indonesia for the past 3 months without his darling, Mama.

Mama only flew out to Jakarta last night and it will be tomorrow, October 19th, the day of their 44th wedding anniversary, that Papa and Mama will be reunited after 3 long months of online texts and video calls.  And when I chatted with Papa earlier today, they had planned this schedule all along so that they would be able to be together as husband and wife on their wedding anniversary – so sweet and so romantic, right??!!

And that just shows to me that in spite of all the uncertain things in this world, true love still exists because I am a witness to it every day through the wedded bliss of my Papa and Mama.

Photo collage I did for Papa & Mama’s 43rd wedding anniversary last year, 2016

Papa and Mama, here’s wishing you both a very happy and blessed 44th wedding anniversary po!

Thank you for the great example you have shown us, not just as husband and wife, but as a man and woman of God who always seeks to do the will of the Lord in their lives. May the Lord continue to bless you with more years full of love, joy and peace! We love you both very much!

Rhenee, Lisa & Pia

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