A Birthday Post for my Mama!

Today, my Mama is celebrating her 66th birthday. I would love to be with her on (all) her birthdays but I am based in Brunei while she is in Philippines.

And so I dedicate this post for her today – I love you very much, Ma!

A Birthday Prayer for Mama

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You for the wonderful and precious gift of my Mama. I thank You for giving her to me as my mother, for all the things she has done and given to me.

I pray today and everyday that You will always bless her and surround her with your love and protection.  Lord, continue to bless her with good health and strength so that she may enjoy her family, friends and the many blessings that You have in store for her.

Thank You for always being there for her, as her Rock and Shield, her Fortress and Strength.  Thank You for molding her into the wonderful woman of God that she is today, and for always using her to remind us of Your Great Love for all of us in every little or big thing she does.

Mama Mary, thank You too for being an inspiration and example to her and for always being there to listen to her prayers, especially her prayers for her children.

My dearest Mama,

God rejoices and delights in You!


May you have a wonderful and memorable birthday!

Thank you for always being my constant source of strength, hope and love; for always supporting me, believing in my dreams and aspirations, for always praying for me and loving me despite my many imperfections.

Love you always and forever,

Your firstborn: Ma. Eliza Magnolia

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