Pia’s 5th Troll-ific Party

Pia turned 5 this year and we held a Trolls-themed birthday party for her as per her personal request, last 26th March 2017.  After watching the ‘Trolls’ movie together as a family on the big screen, as well as several times again on the smaller screen at home, it was no surprise that she chose this theme for her birthday party this year.  And who wouldn’t love a colorful and joyful party, right?

After doing some research a.k.a. Pinterest viewing plus crunching numbers for her birthday budget, we came up with a lovely birthday celebration for Pia with family and some close friends at one of our favorite restaurants in Kiulap, BSB, Brunei.  It was perfect timing that they had just renovated some private rooms above their restaurant, and it was just nice for our intimate gathering.

Taking the cue from the Trolls movie, all the party decorations were in bright and lovely colors of the rainbow, from the banners, buntings, and the balloons. These were all bought in Divisioria, Philippines through the kindness of my brother-in-law, Anthony. Additional items displayed were customized water bottles and loot bags which had colorful pens, glow sticks and candies in them.

For Pia’s birthday cake and cupcakes, I went back to Mariah’s Kitchen, the same baker I contacted last year.  I saw the original cake design on Pinterest and she was able to capture the cake design that we wanted for Pia’s Trolls cake.  I also added in cupcakes like last year because I remember that they were a big hit with the kids and adults alike.

( If any of you are interested in contacting Mariah’s Kitchen, follow them on Instagram @mariahkitchen or DM/WhatsApp them at +673 8214014.)

To capture fun moments with the guests, we set up an actual photo booth area this time, complete with props which were also purchased from Divisoria by Anthony.  Guests had a lot of fun at the photo booth station, as did our birthday girl!

As for Pia’s cute birthday outfit, it was a mix of old and new: the old – her pink tutu from last year, pink tights and sparkling rubber shoes; the new – her white top with the different Trolls movie characters on it, a gift from her Rodriguez cousins and her pink polka dot party hat.

Birthday games were Guess the Candies in the Jar, Trolls Coloring Contest, Pin the Hair on the Troll and Freeze Dance.  Kids had a blast with the simple games we prepared, especially dancing to the great songs of the Trolls soundtrack.

Food was aplenty and more than enough for everyone at the party. The guests were all able to eat to their hearts’ content, trying out all the delicious dishes set up at the buffet table.

And to end Pia’s 5th Troll-ific party, we requested guests to pray over her with us, led by her Lolo Mon (my Papa).

And that’s pretty much how we celebrated Pia’s 5th year of life.  Many, many thanks again to everyone who celebrated with our family.  For those whom we invited but were not able to make it for one reason or another, we do hope to see you next time!

Special and extra thanks goes out to my Papa & Mama, Anthony, Tina and kids for going to Brunei to be with us and for helping us purchase, bring over, put up  and put down the party decorations, and for just making her party truly special, memorable and Troll-ific!  We love you all mucho! Next year again, pwede? 

And to our little miracle, happy 5th birthday once again.  You are truly a gift, a miracle sent to us from above! We love you so much!

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