Pia’s 3rd Art & Music Birthday Party

This is a looooonnng overdue post that I was supposed to write months ago (Eeep!) to share how we celebrated Pia’s 3rd Birthday Party…. but as usual, life happened and hence this late blog post! So here goes and hope that my memory still serves me well… Hehe!

Pia turned 3 years old last 26 March 2015 and we celebrated her birthday on the actual day of her birthday which fell on a week day, Thursday.  Being a week day, the party was held in the evening at this nice, spacious and (of course) budget-friendly restaurant, Nice Delight Cafe, Kg Madewa, BSB.   Birthday girl seatOur chosen theme for the party was ‘Art and Music’ seeing that these were (and still are) 2 of Pia’s current favorite activities.  The theme allowed us to work with a lot of colors, which I liked a lot (you would understand why if you read about the themes we used for Pia’s 1st and 2nd birthday parties).

It also gave us a chance to showcase Pia’s early art works and music/singing videos which Rhenee lovingly made into a short AVP that we showed as part of the evening’s program (super thanks for that, dear Daddy Bhot! Yayu!)


Decorations were simple yet colorful: our traditional birthday banner/backdrop (ordered from Phils. as it’s so much cheaper!), balloons (what’s a party without balloons, right?), and buntings, garlands plus bright red table covers that I ordered from this online party supplier shop that I found on Facebook: My Little Party Shop Manila.  (You should check them out if you’re planning for your little one’s birthday or other event, they have a lot of super cute and elegant items on their site.  Thanks MLPSM!)

Center table 2

Center table 1


In addition to the above, in line with ‘Art’ theme, we displayed colored marker pens and paint brushes placed in transparent jars plus water paints  on the center table.  In line with the ‘Music’ theme, we displayed some of Pia’s musical toys: her colorful piano, drum & drum sticks, trumpet, clapper, musical eggs and a small microphone.  These were all displayed along side her beautiful ‘Art and Music’ birthday cake and cupcakes that were especially designed to match our chosen theme.


Art & Music Cupcakes

Birthday Cake - Side View Birthday Cake -Top View

Pia’s birthday cake was generously sponsored by one of my girlfriends, Voon, and ordered from the ever reliable and talented duo behind #eielterecakes, Eiel and Tere (thanks ladies!) while the cupcakes were ordered from #shelylee (thanks Shelly!).  Besides being pretty, both the cakes and cupcakes were delicious!

Pia’s birthday banner served as our photo booth backdrop where guests had their photo op with the birthday celebrant who was dressed in her specially made birthday outfit that my cousin, Nina, lovingly made for Pia.

The birthday girl


The evening’s program began with a short opening prayer led by Lolo Mon and this was immediately followed by the singing of the birthday song and Pia blowing the candles on her birthday cake.  Dinner was served and then Rhenee played the AVP he made of Pia that everyone thoroughly enjoyed, most especially Pia herself! Hihihi!



Blow your candles Pia



Funny Faced Pia

After the AVP,  instead of having games we decided to have an art activity for the children, which was the final part of the official program we had prepared.  Kids were given colorful aprons to wear and asked to choose their colored markers to use for drawing on the ‘art wall’ we had made on one empty wall of the restaurant.



The kids loved this activity and really let their individual artist shine through.  Even the youngest kids enjoyed the freedom of drawing on the ‘art wall’!  At the end of the activity, to the surprise of the kids, we let them keep their aprons and markers as souvenirs.



Little Artists

It was indeed another super fun and happy birthday celebration for our beloved miracle, Pia.  Special thanks to Lolo Mon and Lola Tita for coming to Brunei again to celebrate with us and for helping bring the party items from the Phils. for her birthday party.

Pia and Lola Tita

Pia and Lolo Mon

Thank you too, of course, to all the kids and adults who joined our simple birthday celebration and for your gifts (in cash and in kind) for Pia.  We hope to see you again next year for Pia’s 4th Birthday Party! (Have to start thinking of a theme for that soon! Hehe!)


If you want to see all the photos from the above party, they are on my personal Facebook page, photo album named  Pia’s 3rd ‘Art & Music’ Birthday Party.  Pictures taken by Leny, Bhot and myself.

(Note: As of this writing, the cash gifts received have already been added on to the mutual fund investment account we opened at Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. for Pia’s education fund. )


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