Surprise! Another Party Award!

Belated Happy New Year to everyone! ¬†ūüôā

It has been a few months (again) since I last posted something here on my blog and my last post was about receiving by an award for best party theme and decorations from ( ¬†That award was for Pia’s 2nd birthday party with the theme ‘Noah’s Ark’.

Early this week I received an email from Sue Hansen who¬†works with ( ¬†She’s in charge of connecting with parents who are throwing their little ones top notch parties and she wrote me because¬†of my¬†post ‚ÄúPia’s First Birthday‚ÄĚ. ¬†She says she¬†was doing some research to try and find rainbow themed parties that were bursting with love and creativity and that’s how she found Pia’s. ¬†She found the cake so¬†cute and really liked Pia’s rainbow tutu which was in her own words ‘too precious’.



And so on behalf of Shindigz she¬†selected to¬†award me¬†the¬†“Party Expert Approved” badge because¬†Pia’s¬†party looked fantastic!

Would you believe it??? Another award for one of Pia’s birthday parties! ¬†Thanks Sue and, much appreciated!

Pia’s 3rd birthday party is coming up in a month and I have yet to start planning for that in detail. ¬†Yet these awards are motivating me to¬†tap into my creativity juices once again. ¬†How does an ‘Art Party’ theme sound to you? ūüėČ