Surprise Award for Best Theme and Decorations!

My last post about Pia was uploaded here in my blog in late April, where I shared about how we celebrated her 2nd Birthday Party.

Then sometime in early September I received a comment from Jenny Franklin who works with  She says her job is to search blogs such as mine for individuals who put a great deal of effort into making their kids birthdays extra special.  And that she was writing me because of my post on Pia’s 2nd birthday party. She says she absolutely loved the creativity that I put into the party and that on behalf of she would like to award me the “Best Decorations” badge. She absolutely loved Pia’s Ark cake and the Noah’s Ark theme, which she found so adorable!

pia's 2nd banner 10003270_10202762690122317_2086568038_n 1911064_10151950620485563_1393525027_o

Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Mainly because I had really thought that my blog posts were only read by my family members and some friends who would bother to click the link posted on my Facebook page announcing that I had a new blog post.  Never did I imagine that other people from across the world would care to read what I posted.   And then this!!!

So thank you, thank you for this lovely award, Jenny and!  Here’s the link to their site:

Now I’m totally pumped up on planning Pia’s 3rd Birthday Party!!!!

What should the theme and decorations be this time?  If you do read this little blog post of mine, feel free to comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Surprise Award for Best Theme and Decorations!”

  1. Hello! This looks like a great award, great post, and a great site and all. You mention like 5 times. I just have one favor to ask. For my convenience, and for the sake of others, would you please put in a link to party pail? It is frustrating. Thank you so much!

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