Pia’s 2nd Noah’s Ark Birthday Party

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we had decided to celebrate Pia’s 2nd birthday with a Noah’s Ark theme on the actual day of her birthday, i.e. 26th March 2014.  The selected venue was Aiko Sushi Restaurant in Kiulap, BSB at their private function room on the 2nd floor.

Papa, Mama, Rhenee, Pia and I arrived at the venue about an hour or so earlier than the guests so that we could set up and decorate the venue in time for the guests’ arrival at 730PM.




Decorations were pretty simple but also took up some time to do.  I asked Papa to put up the birthday banner to one side of the stage which also served as our photo both corner.  Then I placed the high chair I requested from the restaurant and decorated this with the special made-to-order birthday balloons set Rhenee and I collected earlier in the afternoon.  The balloons were filled with helium and the special foil balloon had colorful animal designs on them which was perfectly in sync with our party theme.  Pia loved her balloons and so did a lot of the little (and big!) kids that they wanted to take them home! (One ‘kuya’ actually managed to cut out one balloon out of the set without our prior knowledge!)




Papa and Mama also helped pump the other rubber balloons using our air pump.  The balloons had the words ‘Happy 2nd Birthday’ on them and came in a variety of bright colors.  We bought these in the same shop where we ordered the helium balloons.  I used these balloons as table centerpieces together with a Noah’s Fun Boat party hat (these were actually just left over hats from Ate Rysse’s 1st Birthday Party so these were free!), some Noah’s Ark coloring sheets (downloaded from the internet so these were also free!) and a box of crayons (also free since I had several in stock from previously attended events).




The other end of the stage was designated as the sweets corner.  I put another table where Pia’s birthday cake served as the centerpiece and surrounded it with small stuffed animals that were just lying around in our room (mostly gifted items so I didn’t have to go out and buy any!).  This was actually a last minute idea which turned out quite nicely (if I do say so myself! Hehehe!)  I also placed the colorful and delicious cupcakes we ordered from Le Apple Bakery on a cupcake stand on the same table and left a small space for Pia’s birthday gifts.


The program for the night was pretty simple and straightforward too.  While waiting for all the guests to arrive, guests had their photo opportunity with Pia at the photo booth corner.  The opening and thanksgiving prayer was led by Papa which was followed immediately by the singing of the birthday song and cutting of the birthday cake.  Then dinner time and some simple party games namely Pin the Tail on the Zebra for the young kids, Animal Sounds game for the older kids and Samson-Delilah-Lion game for families.  The final part of the program was a pray over of Pia by the guests led by her ninong Alan.








The event was a success, by God’s grace, as most if not all of our invited guests took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate Pia’s birthday with us.  Guests enjoyed the food and the simple program and were all generous in granting our request for cash gifts for Pia which we would allocate to her mutual fund savings/investment.

However the best part of the celebration was seeing the joy and delight in Pia’s face throughout the whole event.  She was singing and dancing and playing (even if she did not take her afternoon nap that day!) and had the energy to ‘entertain’ her guests the whole while – a real trooper!

We love you so much our little miracle! – Mommy & Daddy 🙂













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    Hope your weekend went well. I’m contacting you to see if you received my previous email about receiving an award for your child’s b-day party! Best theme and decorations! Contact me if you are interested!


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