Pia at 19 months :)

Wow, time really flies by so fast!  The last post I had here was on September 14 and it is now nearing the end of October 2013!

This coming weekend, 26 October 2013, Pia will already be 1 year and 7 months old.  I have enjoyed watching her grow and develop and learn so much the past few months.  Here are some of the developments and my realizations as well on my motherhood journey so far. 🙂


Pia is so talkative now; she likes carrying on a conversation with me and/or Rhenee, even if we can’t really understand most of the words that she’s saying.  I am so fascinated and in awe of the language skills she has gained thus far.  I have learned to try to really engage myself when she ‘talks’ to me and I can see that she responds and likes it when I look at her and talk with her.

Most days I tell her what I’m doing like when I’m getting myself ready for work in the morning and I’m putting on my make up.  She likes for me to carry her and have her sit down on the vanity table, so she can see what I am doing and at the same time explore the various items she sees.  Sometimes I even let her borrow some of my make up brushes and sponges (clean and unused ones, of course) and she would imitate me and hold the brush or sponge and pat it on her cheek or forehead.  She even imitates me when I put on my lipstick, asking for my lipstick, after I’ve used it!


She’s also learned to master some of the basic baby sign language that we had taught her earlier on.  She does the signs as well as says the words to communicate to us what she wants: eat, drink, milk, juice, sleep, bath, book, up, watch, play, ball, baby, etc.  And her words are quite clear and distinct, not what you would call baby babble at all.  The best part is that she can now call us Mommy and Daddy!  Such joy! 🙂

It’s true what they say that children are very musical in nature because Pia truly loves music and song. She loves being sung to and she loves singing out loud too.  Sometimes she would just suddenly burst into song for no reason, with lyrics we don’t understand but you can detect a distinct melody/tune to her ‘song’.  It’s so cute and endearing and you really can’t help but smile and give her a standing ovation once she’s done! 🙂  Her current favorite songs now are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Eensy Weensy Spider; Six Little Ducks, and B-I-N-G-O.  I am also excited to learn/share that there is a Kindermusik group here in Brunei and that is something that I will definitely sign up Pia for soon. 🙂


Pia is also more confident in her walking/running skills now.  When we take her out on an expedition to the mall or supermarket, she rarely wants to be carried or sit in the shopping cart but will instead insist on walking and exploring all the different things she sees.  She’ll even ask to push the shopping cart, even if she’s only half as tall as the cart! Hehehe!  I remember we brought her to the Hua Ho Department Store/Supermarket at Tanjong Bunut that have those kid-sized shopping carts and she just loved pushing the cart around the entire supermarket, even getting things from the display counters that she liked and putting them in her cart!  Such a cutie, right? 🙂

In addition to her walking skills, Pia is also more confident in climbing as well.  She likes to climb slides, chairs, tables, sofas, step ladders, staircases, etc. and we allow her to practise, practise, practise while we are nearby to ensure her safety.  I really believe that we should let her try to do all that she wants to do on her own, and only step in when she asks for our help.  And I have seen that she does try her very best to accomplish what she wants to do without our help as much as possible.  However when I see that she’s frustrated, before stepping in, I ask her first if she wants/needs Mommy’s help by signing ‘help’ and when she nods, then that’s when I give her the help she has asked for.


I’ve also come to realize that Pia understands more that I sometimes gives her credit for, although she cannot yet fully express herself by her words.  This is why I now ensure that before doing anything to her or for her, I talk to her about it, like if it’s time for her bath or for changing her diaper, I make sure to tell her and ask her if she’s ready to do so.  This way, I am not forcing her to do what she is not yet ready to do.  And by doing this, it has made bath time and diaper change time so much more smoother and easier.  I’m not saying it’s like this ALL the time, but at least there’s not so much resistance and she enjoys her bath and diaper change time with Mommy. 😉  Now if only I could say the same thing about her brushing teeth time!

Gosh, there are so many other things to share about Pia’s developments but I will stop here for now as my eyes are already getting droopy!  Just one final thing I’d like to share is that I am also learning or rather ‘un-learning’ during Pia’s learning process too.  I have learned to be more patient and carefree and to not rush things just to finish my own agenda.  I have also learned to appreciate the little things and not to take things too seriously.  I know that this stage of Pia’s growth and development will only happen once and if I don’t take the time to savor each moment and experience now, it will be lost forever.


Like what was shared during one of the talks I attended in our Catholic Community, Couples for Christ, life is all about memories so why not make all the memories, good ones?  So I am going to do my utmost to make good and love-filled memories with our Pia.  Love you so much, baby namin! Mwahs!